We are a reliable, courageous and flexible multi-talent in the construction industry


We implement construction projects in terms of new construction and renovation according to a fixed hourly charge. We also calculate clear small-sized contract items. There are currently 52 construction professionals in our team, most of whom are carpenters. We offer you the following construction services:
Construction of new buildings
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Demolition and renovation
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Construction of detached houses
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Other services:
  • Wood and stone frame work:
    Warehouses, detached buildings, yard structures, halls, garage
  • Masonry work
    Partitions and flues
  • Waterproofing and tiling works
    (VTT certified insulator)
  • Light partitions, as well as suspended ceiling and door installations
  • Paneling and recording
    Offices, apartments, sauna sections, bathrooms
  • On-site casting works, such as foundations, walls, vaults, VSS, retaining walls, etc
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